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:about the photographer

​My love of photography started when I was 14, and has been a part of my life since then. It took just a few clicks of the shutter release for me to be hooked with capturing how the world looks through the lens. Through classes, studying Science of Photography at the Art Institute, my own exploration, working experiences, books and mentors I have grown my love of photography into a passion others can enjoy. I am allowed the chance to capture life’s perfect little moments as they happen in real life, with real families, couples, children, and whoever else crosses my path. I am given the ability to create a vision of the world of how I see it, or how you see it. With my photographs I am given the gift of collaborating with people in some of the biggest moments of their life, graduating high school, getting married, or having another join your family.  I can help models, seniors and children express their individuality, talents and personality; as well as showcase the beautiful moments in your life.

I would love the opportunity to tell your story along with you.

I cannot wait for your to tell me your story so we can tell it in photographs.

Thank you, Cheers

My Name is Courtney!

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